Can I have my own Design?

Yes, you can email us your design at  for customize order. we are working on our customize software to list in our website. So, till then you have to contact us through our email.

What is the price to print my design on T-Shirt?
The price depends on the size of your design and the quality of T-shirt.

I have a family re-union, Can I order 100 T-shirts ?
Yes, you can order as much as you need. For the number over 100, we have a different price than the price that is listed on our site.

Will I get a discount if I order more T-shirts?
Yes, For that You have to send an Email to and you will get your quote depending upon your order.

I don't need printed T-Shirts, Is it possible to get a blank Shirt in a reasonable price?
   Yes, For a blank shirt we offer wholesale price. You can visit our website and go to collection and you will see BLANK Tab and
click on the BLANK Tab and you can order blank T-shirt in a wholesale price starting from $3.99.

I am from Australia, Can I order from your website? Do you ship in Australia?
Yes, You can order from any country and we will ship to your location.

Can I print on my hoodies?
Yes, we offer printing on T-shirts, Hoodies, Jerseys, Sweatshirts, Joggers and long sleeves.

What Quality of T-shirt you use to print?
We use 100% Cotton T-shirts to print.